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Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom. They offer protected ventilation and are often used above, below or alongside stationary windows. They are an excellent choice for above the kitchen counter or sink. 


Bow & Bay

Bow and Bay windows are window combinations that project outward from a home. These dramatic combinations can add space, volume and light to a room and add more personality to any home or cottage.


Casement windows are side hinged windows that open with a turn of a crank. They open outward to the left or right. Casements give you the flexibility to group windows together in stunning combinations.

Single & Double Hung

Single and Double Hung windows feature two sashes that have either one (single hung) or two (double hung) vertically sliding sashes in a single frame. Both units lift open while remaining flush with the wall, making them ideal around patios, decks and walkways.


Gliding windows feature two sashes, with at least one of the sashes sliding horizontally past the other. They offer the advantages of double hung windows with a more contemporary look, and are ideal wherever you don’t want your windows to open outward. 


Picture or stationary windows do not open and are commonly used in combination with opening windows. These units will maximize your view in the key areas of your home or cottage by allowing for larger sizes than a window that opens.


Shaped windows are often the focal point for dramatic entrances, dormers, living room elevations, and anywhere else you want a dramatic showpiece.

These curved and angled accent windows can bring real character and valuable natural lighting into your living spaces to maximize views and ventilation.

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