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Muskoka Window and Door Centre is the exclusive Ontario distributor of Western Window Systems’ unique Series 7000 Windows and Series 600 Window Wall products. These systems are the best way for cottagers to get the most out of their scenic view, eliminating exterior barriers in favour of a full, uninterrupted vista.

Western Window Systems has manufactured high-quality window products since 1959, helping to blend the indoors with the outside. Western Window Systems is focused on three core values: excellence, innovation, and partnership. Western Window Systems are designed with integration and durability in mind, creating products that will continue to create value long after they’re installed.

Western Window Systems products are the ideal option for window distributors looking to give their clients the very best quality windows and window walls that will withstand time and weather and be the main ingredient in a breathtaking renovation. These products are also an excellent way to gain access to high-end contracts and builders, which can provide other opportunities for your business.

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Series 7000 Window

Western’s Series 7000 windows manufactured with year round durability and energy efficient performance in mind. These windows feature a signature aluminum extrusion design that maximizes energy efficiency and frame depths of 5.875” that support durable triple-pane security glass panels. Series 7000 windows are NFRC-tested, feature Energy Star rating qualified options, and have performance ratings of CW-PG50 for casement, awning, and fixed window styles.

Western’s Series 7000 hinged windows can be outfitted with high performance Cardinal IG glass options including laminate glass, solar and glare control, winter performance, and low maintenance glass, making Series 7000 perfect for projects in any area and climate. With models ranging from casement and awning to hopper and fixed windows, and a variety of in-stock, designer, custom, and split aluminum finishes, Series 7000 is the perfect solution to architectural projects of any size and scope.

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Series 600 Window Wall

Western’s Window Wall systems are manufactured with a clean, contemporary look in mind, allowing for an unimpeded view of your surroundings – ideal for cottages or other seasonal residences. With its 4.5” framing system, the Series 600 Window Wall can be integrated with other products seamlessly for a smooth appearance. WSW’s Window Wall systems can fit up to nearly any size and configuration, and are designed with durability in mind, achieving performance grades of CW-PG50 on all sizes up to 60” x 120”.

Available in both classic aluminum or thermally broken aluminum, the Series 600 Window Wall is perfect for clients living in any climate. Dual-paned climate ready glass allows for energy-efficient performance, and is available with a variety of types, thicknesses, and colours that allow for improved protection and privacy.

*Series 600 Window Walls are available with optional standard or high base sill floor tracks, and standard or flush stops.

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Ontario’s Western Window Systems distributor

Muskoka Window and Door Centre is the premier distributor of WSW Series 600 Window Wall systems in Ontario. Western Window Systems products are designed with performance and durability in mind, making them the perfect options for home and cottage owners looking to get the most out of their surroundings. Add them to your product lineup now by contacting us today.


Since 1988, the team at Muskoka Window and Door Centre has worked to create long-lasting and meaningful partnerships with a number of industry-leading window and door manufacturers from all around the continent. We display only the highest quality products in our showroom, and pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers only the highest quality window and door systems. Muskoka Window and Door Centre brings a wide range of tried and true window and door products to the people of Muskoka, suitable for projects of any size and scope.