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Glass Shower Enclosures: How To Choose The Right One For Your Cottage Or Home

Remodelling your bathroom? We can help you select the perfect glass shower enclosure or even create a custom design for your cottage or home. Read these tips to learn what you must look out for.

Guide to Selecting the Right Glass Shower Enclosures and Doors

Follow these steps to ensure you have the style and look you want to achieve, as well as the right function.

  1. Framing: Plumb tiled walls or jams can help reduce the added cost of shaped glass. Also having the sill slightly sloped inward toward the shower avoids water spilling into the room. Have your contractor place structure behind any tiled area that may require the fastening of hinges or hardware.
  2. Glass: Do you want transparent or opaque glass? Transparent glass shower enclosures provide a clean and clear appearance. With opaque glass, you can have stylish accents that will make the shower enclosure the focal point of your bathroom. “Showerguard” glass is also an available option to help reduce water spots and frequent cleaning.
  3. Shape: The design can be built to suit your needs. Inline, Neo-Angle, Right Angle as well as the ability to incorporate knee walls and seats into the glass enclosure. Just talk to our friendly staff about your ideas. There are so many possibilities!
  4. Doors: Whether you have a sliding or a hinged glass shower door largely depends on the space available in your bathroom. The existing or future location of bathroom cabinets and toilets must also be considered. A hinged door will need clearance to swing in and out although a door stop can be installed to ensure one direction only. Unsure of your clearance? Use a measured string pulled taught to simulate the door swing. A sliding door requires no clearance but needs to be installed onto a level threshold.
  5. Hardware: Towel bars, robe hooks, or glass shelves can also be an attractive addition to your glass shower enclosure. This finely crafted hardware is offered in a wide variety of finishes and styles to meet your preferences.

muskoka window and door centre glass shwower

The frameless glass shower enclosures at Muskoka Window and Door Centre add a touch of class to any bathroom. We know how to pamper you with style and elegance. Our custom design options take appearance and luxury to the next level while adding interest and appeal to your home or cottage.

All our Shower Enclosures Use Tempered Safety Glass

Muskoka Window and Door Centre offers premium quality shower glass enclosures and excellent service. Each of our products utilizes tempered safety glass. We also pride ourselves on ensuring a perfect fit so you can enjoy problem-free performance. Whether it is a new installation, replacement or shower remodelling project, you can count on us for a perfect job.

For stylish glass shower enclosures, call Muskoka Window and Door Centre today at 705-645-3057.