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Smooth Fibreglass

Smooth fibreglass doors are a popular choice for homeowners and contractors alike, thanks to the insulation and low maintenance they offer. The durable fibreglass skin withstands and resists dents, an important feature in high traffic areas where constant use and abuse can quickly wear down most other door materials. With engineered wood edges and a reinforced lock block, smooth fibreglass doors offer a solid base for a high-performance product guaranteed to deliver years of consistent protection from the elements.

Wood Grain Fibreglass

Wood grain fibreglass offers the elegant detail and texture of a wooden door with the weather-resistant and low maintenance qualities of fibreglass. At first glance these doors give the look and feel of traditional wood, but are resistant to splitting, cracking, and rotting – all of which are a problem with real wood as it ages. Wood grain fibreglass doors are available in oak, mahogany, rustic, and craftsman styles, and feature a wide variety of decorative glass inserts.  

Aluminum Clad Wood

Featuring the elegance of traditional wood styles, aluminum clad doors are able to withstand unpredictable Muskoka winters and the hot summer sun. The exterior of these doors features weather-resistant aluminum cladding, with the beauty of wood on the interior for a practical and stylish door that will withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. Available in a wide range of colours that can easily be matched to your windows, aluminum clad doors offer many glass options, as well as brick mould and trim options featuring the same versatile aluminum for added architectural detail.

Residential Commercial Aluminum

Our new more energy efficient residential commercial aluminum doors are designed with wear and tear in mind – these doors are built to withstand constant use and retain peak performance and appearance. Residential aluminum doors offer architectural detail by providing a larger glass area than typical entry doors. Available in anodized, painted, and glazed finishes that offer durability and low maintenance with design flexibility in mind.

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors offer a warm and classic look. Solid wood doors differentiate themselves from steel and fibreglass by offering easy customizations in a nearly endless variety of wood species and designs. Featuring natural colours, grains, and textures, solid wood doors offer an elegant answer to your entryway needs. Engineered wood doors feature a laminated core with a veneer exterior to reduce the risk of warping and splitting caused by unpredictable weather.

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