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Sliding Glass Doors: Your Next Cottage Upgrade

The doors in your home or cottage play a huge role in the level of enjoyment you’re able to get out of the gorgeous Muskoka scenery. If you’ve been noticing that your squeaky old screen door just isn’t cutting it anymore or that you’re not quite getting the most out of your view, it might be time to consider upgrading to sliding glass doors.


Sliding doors are a sleek, stylish and practical way to maximize your view of the outside world without compromising your own comfort. They offer a timeless aesthetic appeal that will never risk going out of style, and increase the amount of light allowed into your home.


The benefits of sliding glass doors

Aside from giving your cottage some much-needed functionality, natural light and unlocking beautiful new views of the breathtaking Muskoka scenery, sliding glass doors offer an aesthetic appeal which will never go out of style. Sliding glass doors have been a staple in contemporary home design for years now, with almost no risk of their popularity fading over time. Sliding doors make accessing the outdoors incredibly easy, opening up your cottage to the patio or backyard, connecting your kitchen to your outdoor cooking area, and allowing you to entertain guests indoors or outdoors in a single motion.


A dramatic improvement in air circulation and ventilation is also offered by sliding doors, letting you cool down your home on breezy summer days or keep the chilly weather outdoors in the fall and winter months. Sliding doors are an energy efficient alternative to traditional doors, lowering your utility bills all year round and keeping you and your loved ones comfortable.


The most popular sliding glass doors to maximize your view all year long

We’re very lucky to have been able to work with some of the industry’s biggest and best names, allowing our window and door installation experts to get a good feel for what the absolute highest quality sliding glass doors are, and how well they’ll fit your unique personal needs. Some of the sliding doors featured in our showroom include:


Western Window Systems’ sliding glass doors, featuring a unique single track system which allows for smooth and seamless operation, the ability to have up to four stackable panels to fit a variety of sizes and openings, a low maintenance aluminum design, and the option to choose a thermally broken aluminum design, perfect for withstanding the harsh Muskoka winter season.


The XO Sliding Door by Centor, offering Muskoka cottage owners a grand and elegant gateway to the outdoors. Centor’s sliding door systems feature a sleek, slim wood interior with a low-maintenance aluminum exterior so you can spend more time appreciating the world around you. The XO Sliding Door features seamless gliding operation and a sliding track nearly flush with the floor, keeping accidents to an absolute minimum and putting all the focus on your view.


For an extra large view of your surroundings, Bigfoot offers functional and stylish sliding doors with an insulated aluminum design, seamless lift-and-slide system for smooth operation, and so much more. Bigfoot’s sliding doors are manufactured with harsh weather in mind, built to withstand the nastiest Muskoka winters and the harshest summer weather. These windows are water tight, can reduce sound, and are available in a gorgeous panorama design for cottage owners looking for a floor-to-ceiling door system to knock your socks off.


The showroom at Muskoka Window and Door Centre is home to some of the best sliding glass door systems on the market, and our team is well-versed in what doors will meet the unique needs and budgets of all Muskoka home and cottage owners. To find out more about our full lineup of sliding glass doors, get in touch with us today.

Signs That Your Windows and Doors May Have Winter Weather Damage

With spring still quite a ways off and the blisteringly cold weather having finally reared its ugly head, you might be noticing that your windows and doors aren’t quite performing the way they used to, or that there are more quirks to them than you remember. These things could be signs that your doors and windows might have been damaged by the winter weather, and means that you could soon be considering door and window replacement.

While we haven’t seen heavy snowfall yet this winter, the cold weather can do more than enough to damage your windows and doors, creating drafts and air leaks into your home that lead to high energy bills and an overall less comfortable living environment. In older windows, freezing weather has been known to cause cracks in glass panes and can even warp materials and impact the overall integrity of windows and doors. Here are some of the signs that the windows and doors in your home or cottage might have been damaged by the cold winter weather.

How winter weather affects wood windows
While wood windows look beautiful, they typically experience more issues after long winters than other materials. If your home has old wood windows, it’s a good idea to look for signs of damage once the cold has faded and the snow has started to melt. Some of the most common issues with wood windows include sticking and swelling caused by winter weather, making it difficult to operate your windows. Chipped paint can be caused by winter weather, forcing you to paint once the weather has cleared up.

Perhaps the most subtle weather damage to wood windows is cracked or broken weather stripping, which can disrupt the seal around your window and make it easier for drafts and leaks to present themselves. Pay close attention to your windows, as damaged weather stripping can be more difficult to identify once the winter weather has departed. You may also notice that the frames are beginning to rot – if this is the case, it’s time for a window replacement due to the additional issues this can cause.

Vinyl windows can also be damaged by winter weather
While vinyl windows are perhaps the most durable type of window, they too can experience problems caused by harsh winter weather. The most common types of damage caused by winter weather will include things like noticing moisture between panes of glass, indicating that a condensation buildup exists between the panes. If this is the case, your vinyl window has lost some of its efficiency due to a failed or damaged seal, and will need to be repaired. Another common problem is that of excessive condensation. If you’ve begun to notice large amounts of condensation on your windows or mold growth around your windows, there could be a significant issue with them that should be addressed immediately.

As with other window types, vinyl windows are also prone to drafts caused by winter weather damage. This typically happens when the weather causes damage to the window frame (through ice build up, falling ice, freezing temperatures, or wear and tear), affecting the weather stripping and creating air leaks. Damaged window frames and weather stripping should be addressed immediately to ensure that you don’t overspend on utilities and can continue living comfortably inside your home or cottage.

Don’t forget to check on your doors for signs of weather damage
Your windows aren’t the only things affected by the cold weather – your doors can also be affected by the winter weather. While much of this damage is often cosmetic (things like peeling paint), doors can also become warped by the freezing weather, causing them to function much less efficiently. Like windows, your doors can also suffer from damaged sealing, which can cause drafts and air leaks to appear. When you’re checking for signs of damage to your windows, remember to check all around your doors for similar damage.

The team at Muskoka Window & Door Centre has seen it all, having spent dozens of seasons repairing and replacing windows and doors damaged by winter weather. If your doors or windows have been affected, you can count on us to fix them. In the event that the damage is too extensive for repair, our expert team can replace your doors and windows with durable and energy efficient units that will hold up to Muskoka winters for years to come. For more information about how the team at Muskoka Window & Door Centre can help, get in touch with us today.

Do I Need Screen Doors On My Cottage?

We’re all familiar with screens doors and the pain they can be. The creak of the hinges, the torn screens, and the way they always seem to close on you before you can get in the door. But if you have a good, well-fitted door, an additional storm door is completely unnecessary. In fact, most newer homes and cottages don’t have screen doors at all. One door gets the job done itself, no classic screen door needed, regardless of the desired style.

Smooth Fibreglass
Low maintenance and well-insulated is why this is a popular choice for both homeowners and contractors. Durable to withstand dents, it’s a great choice for high traffic areas that see constant use. Engineered wood edges and a reinforced lock block will provide years of consistent protection from the elements, guaranteed.

Wood Grain Fibreglass
Wood Grain Fibreglass doors give the appearance of traditional wood with the durability of fibreglass, combining the elegant detail of a wooden door with the weather-resistant and low-maintenance qualities of fibreglass. Plus, both the door and the glass insert are available in various styles.

Aluminum Clad Wood
Similar to Wood Grain Fibreglass, these doors offer a perfect combination of traditional style and modern durability to withstand Muskoka winters and summers. The aluminum provides an extra layer of protection for doors which may be facing the lake (think boathouse porch). Choose from a variety of colours, glass options, and brick mould and trim options for the perfect look to match your existing design.

Residential Commercial Aluminum
Energy-efficient and designed with wear and tear in mind. Residential Commercial Aluminum doors are built for high-traffic areas but with architectural detail due to a larger glass area than typical doors. Available in various glass finishes with flexibility of design.

Solid Wood
A traditional, solid wood door offers a homely and classic look. Solid woods doors offer even more variety than fibreglass doors, with a nearly endless choice of wood species and designs to pick from. Choose simplicity or elegance with natural colours, grains, and textures for solid wood doors. With a laminated core and a veneer exterior, the risk of warping or splitting due to weather is reduced.

Bigfoot Premium Doors
If you are looking to combine contemporary elegance with commercial-grade security, premium doors are a perfect choice. With a 3-point safety lock, two large hooks, and three powerful hinges, premium doors provide your cottage with the best security available. The special construction, creating an exceptionally firm and thick door, rounds out the comfort premium doors provide from the inside. 

On the outside, special LED illumination gives a warm, modern feel whether a guest is arriving or you are returning home. With a wide range of choices in styles, colours, surface treatments, glass and its treatment, handles, knockers, and locks, Bigfoot’s premium doors aren’t just the perfect door–they are the perfect door for your Muskoka cottage.  

No Need for That Wheezy Screen Door No matter your style of cottage or the type of door you desire, a screen door is a thing of the past that’s only good for nostalgia and one of the finest songs in Canadian history. There’s no more need to try and rush inside to avoid a squeaky screen door swinging shut or patching up holes with duct tape. With new cottage doors, one is enough, giving you the quality, durability, security, and design that’s right for you.

Winter Proofing Your Doors to Keep the Cold Air Outside

After a chilly end to the summer season, it’s fair to say that we might be in for a long and cold winter in Muskoka. It’s a good idea to winter proof your house to minimize energy loss and keep it as comfortable as possible during the cold season. Older doors can be a significant cause of energy loss in your home. Proactively winter proofing your doors is recommended to ensure that you stop wasting energy and can stay warmer all winter long. Best of all, weather proofing is easier than you think and shouldn’t take you more than an afternoon to do. 

Identify air leaks before winter proofing
The first step is to actually identify air leaks and other potential problems areas on or around your door. You can do this numerous ways, including using a lit incense stick around the edges of your door to see where the smoke is most affected and blown in or sucked out. You can also flash a powerful flashlight around the doorframe – if the light leaks to the outside, these areas will need to be addressed. Using these simple methods can help you determine just how much work you have to do to winter proof your door. If the results are less than thrilling, it’s time to get started on the winter proofing process.

Weatherstripping will take care of air leaks
After you’ve detected air leaks around your doors, the first solution you look to should be weatherstripping, the easiest and most cost-effective way to seal drafts around your door frame. Weatherstripping can be purchased at local home improvement and hardware stores and easily installed by any homeowner – all you have to do is remove old weather stripping, clean the area around your door jamb, cut the weatherstripping to the desired length, and fix it to the door jamb. There are several different types of weatherstripping that can be used on your door, including wrapped foam and vinyl. Each type will have its own unique benefits, with foam being more durable and vinyl having a smaller profile.

New door sweeps keep drafts out
The bottom of your door is one of the biggest spots for energy loss, and replacing an old and worn out sweep can make a major difference. The purpose of a door sweep is to seal the gap in the bottom of your door, which often isn’t flush with your door jamb or floor. In addition to keeping out the cold, they can drastically reduce the amount of insects, moisture, and dust that makes its way into your home during the summer. Door sweeps are easy to install and can be matched to the style of your door. Once you’ve measured the width of your door and decided on a door sweep that matches its style and material, all you have to do is mark and drill pilot holes into your door, match the door sweep to the holes, and fix it to the door with screws.

Other fixes to weatherproof your doors
Some fixes will take a little more effort, but can still be effective. Installing a storm door on the exterior of your door can add an extra layer of insulation, significantly lessening draft and air leaks, though this fix is more costly than other options. You can also repair damage to wooden door frames with wood filler or replace the frame entirely, especially if they’ve become warped or have deteriorated over the years. This will help to minimize energy loss and will regulate the temperature inside your home.

Unfortunately, some problems just can’t be fixed. Older doors can only be made so energy efficient, and energy loss will always be a reality. If you’re dealing with old doors, your best bet may be to replace them outright. Installing new doors will greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency, keeping the cold air outside where it belongs and keeping the interior of your home more comfortable all year long.

Muskoka Window and Door Centre is the Muskoka region’s premier provider of high performance door and window products. Our experienced team can help you find the perfect door to make your home look as good as new and eliminate those annoying air leaks once and for all. To get started on your door installation project, get in touch with Muskoka Window and Door Centre today.

Featured Product: MasterGrain Doors

MasterGrain door products are the latest addition to the already impressive showroom at Muskoka Window & Door Centre. The company was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing the highest quality Canadian made fiberglass door products in all of North America. MasterGrain manufactures premium wood grain fiberglass doors that offer the natural elegance of wood doors, without the maintenance or lack of durability.

These impressive doors are the perfect way for Muskoka cottage owners to make a statement with their entryway. MasterGrain doors put style and engineering first, giving homeowners a beautiful, smooth-operating door that will last for years to come. MasterGrain doors are available in six collections, all of which feature their own unique styles and wood grains.

MasterGrain’s unique NVD technology

Innovative products demand innovative technology. For MasterGrain, NVD is that innovative technology, making them the envy of the door industry. The company takes pride in the intricate details put into every door they manufacture, using their specialized NVD process that seamlessly combines wood and fiberglass into one sophisticated package.

NVD technology is used in each and every one of MasterGrain’s doors, constructing a real wood door and using their unique technology to meticulously transfer its fine grain detail onto fiberglass panels. Once the process has been completed, your guests will be left in disbelief that it isn’t real wood. Learn more about the innovative technology used by MasterGrain.

A wide assortment of styles perfect for any Muskoka cottage owner

Being able to choose a door that matches the style and aesthetic of your cottage or home is important, especially for those looking to make a statement with their entryway. MasterGrain makes that a possibility for anybody, offering six unique collections that can satisfy any style need.

The Rustic Collection perfectly captures that “house in the woods” aesthetic that appears in cottages and cabins across the country. These gorgeous Rustic doors feature soft curves or planks that give off an unmatched warmth to visitors. Rustic doors are available in both cherry and knotty alder wood grains.

For those aiming for a more elegant look, the Classic Collection is the answer. MasterGrain’s Classic line combines sophisticated nineteenth-century inspired design featuring crafted panels and glass inserts with industry-leading technology for a door that will never look out of place or out of style.

There’s an unmistakable beauty in simplicity. MasterGrain’s Craftsman Collection offers a gorgeous, yet simple, style that uses square and rectangle shapes to their fullest potential. The Craftsman Collection is available in fir wood grains and a wide variety of unique styles.

Understated modern styles are some of the most popular in cottage country, making MasterGrain’s Contemporary Collection perfect for Muskoka cottagers. The Contemporary line uses clean, clear lines and direct set glass to create gorgeous minimal designs that you can take pride in. These modern doors are available in cherry and fir wood grains, with a variety of design options available.

Cottage owners who are looking for a clean, contemporary door without wood grain are in luck – the MasterGrain Contemporary EDGE Collection offers the same minimal modern designs with bold colour choices so you can make a statement with your entryway.

Finally, the unique Simulated Divided Lites Collection gives cottage owners a way to brighten up their entrance ways with custom configurations that can perfectly represent your property. The SDL line features three distinct styles – colonial, shapes, and craftsman, with cherry, oak, mahogany, and other wood grains available.

Muskoka Window & Door Centre is a premier dealer of all MasterGrain door products, with our experienced team members having gained hands-on experience installing MasterGrain doors to offer you a seamless installation process. To find out more about the services offered by the experienced team at Muskoka Window & Door Centre, contact us today.

Featured Product: Centor S4 Retractable Screen System

With more than six decades in the window and door industry, Centor has deservedly earned a reputation as one of the leading names in high quality door and window design and manufacturing. The third-generation family business specializes in integrated doors, which has earned them universal acclaim throughout the industry. Centor believes that well-engineered products can connect homes and businesses to the world around them, and have made it their mission to make this possible for homeowners everywhere.

Centor recently unveiled the latest in their line of impressive retractable screens – the Centor S4 Screen. The new S4 System provides major improvements to the S1 Screen and Shade, including larger sizes, shade and blind options, postless corner options, seamless operation, discreet retraction, and a durable new frame that can be personalized to your liking. The Centor S4 System is set to debut in the coming months, replacing the S1 retractable screen system which has reigned as one of the industry’s most acclaimed products for over a decade.

The Centor S4 Retractable Screen System
The all new S4 Screen and Shade System is already an award-winning product. Centor was awarded with a Red Dot: Best of the Best 2019 for the Screen and Shade System, recognizing only the most outstanding products in the category. Muskoka Window and Door Centre is proud to be one of the first to offer it in Ontario.

The new S4 Screen System gives homeowners with large door openings everywhere the opportunity to enhance their enjoyment of the outdoors without letting insects in, compromising privacy, or having to deal with heavy glare.

This retractable screen system features unique load balancing technology that allows it to be operated with just a single fingertip. The Centor S4 Screen System glides seamlessly across your entire large door opening, resting at any position you wish. When you’re not letting the outdoors in, the S4 System can discreetly retract into the frame, ensuring that you won’t have any unsightly distractions from your beautiful view when the system isn’t in use.

The discreet retraction protects the screen from dust and dirt, and minimizes the chances for damage, making it perfect for seasonal use. For easy cleaning, the system’s sill cover can be quickly removed.

Unmatched versatility and durability
The S4 System features a screen and shade that are fully retained within its frame, secured in place by tabs in the top and bottom that prevent blow-outs in windy weather. The S4 System screens and shades are available in four different configurations that will suit any style. Homeowners can choose between three different weave styles for the screen mesh, and the luxury shade fabric comes in light-filtering and blackout styles, with a variety of patterns and colours available. Surrounding the screen and shade is a durable aluminum frame, which comes in a wide variety of colours for maximum personalization.

Muskoka Window & Door Centre is a premier installer of Centor door and window products, serving as the manufacturer’s Eastern Canadian distributor. Our close relationship with Centor allows our team to get hands-on training for new products, including the new S4 Retractable Screen System. To find out more about the services offered by the experienced team at Muskoka Window & Door Centre, contact us today.

A Stunning Cottage Build Made Perfect with Bigfoot Windows

There’s nothing quite like a project that comes together perfectly. One of our proudest projects saw our team of window and door experts installing Bigfoot windows on a new property on Lake Joseph. The build, which features a modern design with almost entirely glass walls necessitated the use of large architectural windows and doors that could hold up to the elements year-round and complement the home’s modern architecture.

Bigfoot windows

Bigfoot’s line of windows and doors were the perfect match, coming in large XL and XXL custom sizes that were ideal for use in this build, and featuring thermal insulation that will stand the test of time without sacrificing comfort or functionality for the homeowners. Bigfoot Door allowed us to lend a grand feel to the property, installing massive fixed and functional windows that overlook the lake and other gorgeous surroundings.

Bigfoot Door has made it their mission to continually innovate within the window and door industry, creating high performance products that have been perfected over the last 30+ years. Bigfoot prides themselves on the superior customer support they offer to clients, which has led them to becoming one of the top window and door manufacturers in Ontario.

Big Foot windows come in different sizes

After the project requirements were laid out, the team at Muskoka Window & Door Centre went to work on installing the home’s many custom XL and XXL window and door units. We went to work installing a variety of Bigfoot products, including their fixed double-glazed windows, which can be customized to provide grand floor-to-ceiling design in any room, as well as highly functional tilt and turn windows, and premium power operated awning windows. In addition to Bigfoot windows, our team installed lift and slide doors that achieve an elegant contemporary style but offer the security that homeowners expect out of premium door products. Like their high performing windows, Bigfoot doors are available in grande sizes to create a truly epic entrance to any home.

Muskoka Windows and Door sell custom windows by Bigfoot

The showroom at Muskoka Window & Door Centre features a number of custom XL and XXL architectural window and door units manufactured by Bigfoot Door, including the fixed windows, lift and slide doors, tilt and turn and power operated awning windows installed in the Lake Joseph project. To find out more about the high performance window and door products offered by Muskoka Window & Door Centre, contact us today.

Featured Product: Ostaco Muskokan Folding Door

Since 1981, Ostaco has specialized in the design of exceptionally high quality window and door units. Ostaco is a family owned and operated window and door manufacturer based out of southern Ontario. As the official Muskoka dealer of all Ostaco windows and doors, we’re proud to display their line of high quality products in our showroom.

One of our favourite Ostaco products is their Muskokan Folding Door, a unit designed specially for Muskoka applications, offering cottage owners a high performing alternative to traditional doors, maximizing viewing areas and adding flare to any property.

Why choose Ostaco?
Ostaco is a family-run business through and through. The company takes pride in being able to stay completely family owned and operated as they grow and evolve, retaining a long-standing team of window and door experts.

For over 35, Ostaco has focused on putting customers first, building a highly responsive customer service network that has earned them the trust and admiration of customers around the province. The team works tirelessly to ensure that all window and door units are manufactured to the highest standards. Ostaco is constantly on the cutting edge, focusing much of their efforts on research and development, allowing them to offer Ontario dealers the most advanced window and door products available.

Maximize your living space with convenient folding doors
The Ostaco folding door is the perfect way to maximize your living space and get the most out of that gorgeous Muskoka scenery. The folding door features a sleek 6 9/16” super-duty frame with a slim welded sash that has been specifically designed to take up less space, letting you get the most out of your living space.

A unique multi-panel design fits rooms of any size, making it perfect for cottage projects of any scope. When the folding door is fully retracted, cottagers have direct access to the outside world. In addition to opening up your home or cottage, the Muskokan Folding Door is also a low-maintenance solution. The door’s PVC material makes it virtually maintenance free, with all exposed aluminum being anodized to prevent corrosion. Additionally, the door features sill with a high drain threshold that makes for great water drainage.

A focus on energy efficiency and security
For cottage owners looking to reduce their utility bills, Osctaco folding doors units are extremely energy efficient, having achieved R-Values of 6 and qualified for Energy Star certification. Energy efficient doors reduce the amount of energy loss, keeping your home warmer in the winter time, and cooler in the summer.

Each unit features a multi-chambered mechanically fastened frame and heavy-duty weather sealant around the door’s frame and sashes, which ensures optimal air and water tightness all year long. Security is also a major focus for Ostaco, with all Muskokan Folding Door units featuring an advanced 3-point locking system, with independent locking systems featured on every other panel to keep you and your family safe and secure. Muskoka Window and Door Centre is the official Muskoka dealer of Ostaco vinyl window products. For more information about the Ostaco Muskokan Folding Door, as well as the full line of Muskoka Window & Door Centre’s high quality line of window and door products, visit our website or contact us today.

Common Door Installation Mistakes

Too many homeowners think door installation is as easy as fitting a door to a door frame and screwing in hinges. If this were true, there would be no need for professional installers. The truth is, there’s much more to proper door installation than meets the eye. Thinking door installation is quick and easy can lead to easily avoidable mistakes being made, creating major issues that can affect the overall integrity of your newly installed door. There are a number of common door installation mistakes that can make or break the effectiveness of your new doors.

Improper door measurements
The first step towards a proper door installation is to measure your door opening. Measuring will ensure that you buy a new door that fits properly, and that you won’t be wasting your time and money by purchasing a door that just doesn’t fit. Double and triple check your measurements before ordering a new door to ensure accuracy.

Starting the job without the right tools and hardware
Even the most talented installation experts can’t get the job done without the right hardware. Before starting the installation project, it’s important to ensure that you have exactly what you need to ensure a smooth installation. You’ll want to make sure that you have the right hinge screws to keep the door stable, door shims, a level, measuring tape, drill, and the appropriate hardware. One of the biggest advantages of using a professional installer is that they will always have the correct tools and hardware.

Not taking leveling seriously
Leveling is one of the most important aspects of door installations – ensuring that the door, wall, and the door frame are vertically plumb is essential to the overall look and operation of your new doors. Leveling everything prior to installation will allow you to fix any existing issues, as it’ll become much more difficult once the door has been installed.

Lack of insulation for exterior doors
Having inadequate insulation for exterior doors can be a very costly mistake, as it’ll cause your home to rapidly lose energy. Inadequate insulation means that air will escape from your home at a higher rate, causing your furnace and air conditioner to work overtime. Losing energy at this rate will see your utility bills rising rapidly, as your new exterior door isn’t working as it should be. Ensuring that adequate insulation is installed between the door frame and jamb will prevent energy loss and save money.

Trying to install doors yourself
A poor door installation will leave you with an unsightly mess of a door, high utility bills, and a number of problems that will have to be solved in the near future. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s simply too risky to attempt to install doors yourself. Enlisting the assistance of a professional will ensure that your doors are properly installed by somebody who knows how to navigate through the installation process and avoid common mistakes. Professional installers have access to top of the line tools and hardware to ensure that doors are plumb and level, and that they’ll fit perfectly in their frame. When looking to install a new door, the only way to get the most out of its benefits is to hire an installation professional.

For professional door installation without the threat of costly mistakes, there’s Muskoka Window & Door Centre. Our experienced team makes replacing your doors easy by offering expert consultation, outstanding customer service, and superior product knowledge. For more information about Muskoka Window & Door Centre’s unparalleled line of window and door products, visit our website or contact us today.

Featured Product: Euro Vinyl Tilt-Turn Windows and Doors

The team at Muskoka Window & Door Centre is always on the lookout for innovative window and door products that aim to change your cottage experience by offering superior performance, aesthetic beauty, and allow you to enjoy every season in the Muskoka region. Euro Vinyl Windows and Doors offers a line of high performance tilt-turn windows and doors that do all of the above, completely changing the way that Muskoka cottage owners view and interact with their surroundings.

Euro Vinyl – A mission to build the best possible window and door products

Since 1986, Euro Vinyl Windows & Doors has made it their mission to design and build the highest quality window and door products. Euro Vinyl is based out of Woodbridge, Ontario, and have become renowned for their unique tilt-turn window and door units, as well as their sliding doors, and casement and awning windows among other high quality products. Since the company’s inception, Euro Vinyl has been able to refine their entire line of products and  consistently innovate. 

The company is dedicated to making their high performance products available to homeowners everywhere, working directly with supply partners to ensure that products are brought to market at competitive prices. One of the elements that makes Euro Vinyl stand apart from other companies is that President and co-founder Christopher Meiorin continues to maintain a sales capacity, interacting with customers on both a personal and business level.

European-style tilt-turn windows add a distinguished touch to your cottage

If you’re looking to make a statement with your cottage windows, look no further than Euro Vinyl tilt-turn windows. Tilt-turn windows can be tilted inward at the top of the unit for enhanced ventilation, or can swing open inward for easy cleaning and improved access. Tilt-turn windows are one of the premier styles in Europe, adding a distinguished, yet practical, touch to any home or cottage. 

Euro Vinyl tilt-turn windows have been shown to be more energy efficient than many other aluminum and clad windows, boasting U-Values up to 1.14, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) values of 0.21, and air infil/exfil levels of 0.1/0.1. Cottage owners need not worry about whether these tilt-turn windows will hold up to the Muskoka climate, they feature steel reinforcement and weather tightness that can hold up to even the harshest weather conditions.

Enjoy enhanced versatility and ventilation with Euro Vinyl tilt-turn doors

Euro Vinyl tilt-turn doors are the best way to enhance your view and make an aesthetic statement. These European style doors offered unmatched versatility – they can be tilted inwards for maximum ventilation, or treated as a swinging wall containing multiple doors. Euro Vinyl tilt-turn doors feature a multi-point locking system that keeps your cottage safe and secure, even in areas that were prone to bad weather. These high performance door units feature superior energy efficiency, sound insulation, and steel reinforcement that can withstand the elements and stand the test of time.
Muskoka Window and Door Centre is an official dealer of Euro Vinyl tilt-turn window and door products. For more information about Euro Vinyl windows and doors, as well as the full line of Muskoka Window & Door Centre’s high quality window and door products, visit our website or contact us today.