Socially Distanced Winter 2021 Activities in Muskoka

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way we celebrate the holidays and how we are able to enjoy all of the winter activities Muskoka has to offer. However, while

How to Keep Things Quiet on the Lake

Muskoka’s cottage country comprises a number of closely-knit communities where being respectful of your neighbours is of the utmost importance. You should understand what your role is in maintaining that

Do I Need Screen Doors On My Cottage?

We’re all familiar with screens doors and the pain they can be. The creak of the hinges, the torn screens, and the way they always seem to close on you

How the Winter Weather Impacts Your Windows and Doors in Muskoka

The Muskoka winter is just about here. Even without it officially being winter, you can see that many areas have already experienced large amounts of snowfall and the weather has

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