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How To Choose The Right Windows For Your Home Or Cottage

5 Tips From The Experts At Muskoka Window And Door Centre

Your Cottage Country windows do more than provide you with a view to the outside. They play a critical role in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and the energy-efficiency of your home or cottage. So how do you choose a window when you really don’t know anything about them? “It happens all the time.” says Jeff Hodges – partner at Muskoka Window and Door Centre: “Our clients, whether owners, builders or architects, need and expect assistance.  There are many excellent options for both windows and doors, and we help with that.  We work hard to simplify the decision making process.”

Here Are 5 Tips For Our Experts To Help You Make The Right Choice:

    • Select the right window material: Windows are available in a wide variety of materials. Understanding the pros and cons of each type will help you make an informed decision.
      • Wood: Offers the best insulation but is also high-maintenance
      • Vinyl: An affordable alternative to wood, with increased energy-efficiency when paired with high performance glass options
      • Aluminum: A practical choice for areas of high humidity as well as hurricane-prone areas
      • Clad-wood: A low-maintenance exterior  of vinyl or aluminum combined with a wood interior that is resistant to temperature transfer
      • Fiberglass Composite: Energy-efficient, strong and durable with enhanced resistance to twisting and warping. Eco friendly and is virtually maintenance free.


  • Determine your window style: Your choice of windows influences the curb appeal of your home or cottage as well as its functionality. A variety of styles including casement, awning, hung, fixed/picture, sliders, and tilt and turn, etc. allows you to choose the best fit. Many property owners combine multiple window styles to complement the different areas of their home. For instance, if you want a view but not necessarily ventilation, a fixed/picture window is ideal. On the other hand, if you like to leave your bedroom or living room windows open for fresh air, casement windows offers both easy operation and cleaning. A choice of glass, grilles and colours allows you to further personalize each style.

Randy Hodges – Partner Muskoka Window And Door Centre:  “Awnings are back with the renewed demand for natural airflow. The contemporary design world has rediscovered awning windows for great viewing and continued ventilation even in inclement weather. The top hinging action provides rain protection and ventilation. Big view fixed bottom units with manual or motorized operating top units brings natural ventilation back without compromising the view.”

Jeff Hodges on choosing the right window:  “Form and function are two concepts that need to come together to choose the right window for the right application. For example an out swinging casement window is not practical over stairs or a short deck where people could walk into them. But casements have maximum view and ventilation for anywhere else on your home or cottage. We can help with those designs.

windows with stone house

  • Choose energy-efficient windows: As an important component of your building envelope, windows impact indoor temperatures and consequently your heating and cooling expenses. By ensuring your windows are energy efficient, you will be able to improve the comfort of your home or cottage without increasing utility bills. Look for ENERGY STAR® qualified windows that are tested and certified by The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) for their R-value and visible light transmittance. To learn more about ratings for energy-efficient windows, click here.
  • Value for money, rather than price: Don’t base your selection solely on price. The most expensive window doesn’t necessarily provide you with the best protection and performance, while a cheap product will likely need replacement soon and may even cause damage to your home. Look for a trusted manufacturer with a proven track record. Many homeowners choose Andersen windows for their style, performance and durability. Additionally, Andersen’s energy-efficient windows are backed by the most comprehensive warranty on the market, providing their customers with absolute peace of mind.
  • Hire an experienced installer: Many operational problems are caused by improper installation techniques and inexperienced installers. To protect your investment, look for dealers like Muskoka Window And Door Centre that have manufacturer-trained window installers on their team, so you can expect efficient, safe and timely window installation.

Visit us at Muskoka Window and Door Centre to see and evaluate your options. As an official supplier of many trusted brands, including Andersen windows, we offer a full range of quality products. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff are always happy and willing to help. We can assist you in selecting and installing the best products for your cottage or home.

Enjoy A 5-Year Warranty On New Installations

At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, our customers enjoy quality products, expert installation and exceptional service. Whether it is a new installation or a window replacement, our manufacturer-trained installers ensure proper fit and calibration for trouble-free operation. Walk through our huge showroom in Bracebridge to see what we have to offer. You can rely on us for stylish, energy-efficient windows that look great and last for years. For your complete peace of mind, we provide a unique 5-year warranty on new installations.

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