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The Advantages Of Roll Shutters

Roll shutters provide security and privacy. They shield you from curious eyes and deter intruders from vandalizing your property or breaking in. As a result, they are in high demand for homes and cottages today.

Here are the many benefits of having security roll shutters in your cottage or home:

  • Controls light and glare: You can easily control the amount of sunlight that gets into your home. This protects your eyes from the harsh glare as well as your furnishings from fading.
  • Provides peace of mind: You will enjoy lasting protection from the elements (including severe storms) as well as vandals and robbers.
  • Improves energy-efficiency: The extra layer on your windows or doors helps reduce temperature fluctuations and keeps your energy bills steady.
  • Easy operation: Roll shutters are easy to operate. You can choose between manual shutters or automated, with a remote option.
  • Saves on drapes: Drapes can be expensive and need to be frequently cleaned. The shutters are an affordable alternative.
  • Reduces noise: Enjoy a quiet environment by simply rolling down the shutters to reduce the noise that filters through.
  • Enhance lifespan of windows: Rolled down shutters shield your windows from dust, dirt and debris. This reduces the wear and tear and minimizes your cleaning efforts.

Quality Pentagon Security Shutters From Muskoka Window And Door Centre

Give your home the added protection of roll shutters. Choose from a variety of shutter colours and configurations to suit the needs of your cottage or home. At Muskoka Window and Door Centre,we offer specialty Pentagon security shutters which can be customized to your specific requirements. Available with manual or electric operators, they can be used in a variety of spaces, such as window and door openings as well as entertainment areas. A range of models caters to diverse security requirements. You can get the level of safety that you require.

pentagon patio view


Enjoy A 5-Year Installation Warranty On Your New Security Roll Shutters

Muskoka Window and Door Centre offers a unique 5-year installation warranty on all installations. We are confident in our quality and want you to enjoy peace of mind. You can rely on our professional installers to ensure a proper fit and trouble-free operation.

Pentagon Security Shutters are a “secure” choice for your home or cottage. Contact Muskoka Windows and Doors today. T: 705.645.3057 | Toll Free: 800.461.5495

The Benefits Of Vinyl Clad Wood Windows

If you’re looking for an aesthetically-pleasing but low-maintenance option for your cottage or home, vinyl clad wood windows are an ideal choice. They combine the beauty of natural wood with the durability and convenience of technologically-advanced vinyl. They are also available in a wide range of styles to suit diverse tastes.

Here are the main advantages of vinyl windows:

  • Full-spectrum of vinyl window designs: In addition to being able to select a style that matches your home, you can have the interior painted or stained (in a variety of colours), opt for divided light options and select stylish hardware for a unique, custom look.
  • Insulating benefits: The combination of wood and vinyl creates a warmer and cozier interior environment, making it an excellent choice for the cold, Canadian climate.
  • Energy efficient: Energy-efficient glazing helps maintain equitable temperatures, and contributes to lower heating and cooling bills.
  • No painting required: Vinyl exterior windows are virtually maintenance-free. Since they don’t require painting, they look great for many years and in all seasons.
Quality And Style At Muskoka Window And Door Centre

Vinyl clad wood windows offer the best of both worlds—old world charm and modern day convenience. Moreover, you can have any vinyl window design or configuration that you want. At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, we offer our customers the flagship Andersen brand which is well-known for its aesthetics, performance and lasting quality. Numerous options including divided light, a broad selection of hardware finishes and energy efficient glazing allow you to select the perfect windows and doors for your cottage or home.

Enjoy A 5-Year Installation Warranty On Your New Vinyl Clad Wood Windows

At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, we treat you to premium products and service. You’ll enjoy our 5-year warranty on all installations. Plus, with Andersen Windows, you’ll enjoy a 20 year warranty on glass, and a 10 year warranty on parts. This demonstrates the confidence we have in our quality and gives you complete peace of mind. You can rely on our professional installers to ensure a perfect fit and lasting performance.

If you are looking for good quality vinyl clad wood windows,give the experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre a call today. T: 705.645.3057 | Toll Free: 800.461.5495